Zhangjiagang Free Trade Zone
Wellsun Machinery Industry Co.,Ltd.

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1. Convenient transportation
Located in Zhangjiagang Free Trade Zone, it is adjacent to 4 airports, 2 high-speed railway stations, and multiple large bulk cargo terminals along the Yangtze River.
2. Perfect production process
It has complete production processes such as automatic blanking, molding and welding, machining, pre assembly, sandblasting and painting, acid pickling and passivation. We can effectively control the quality and production cycle of manufacturing.
3. Project Management
Our project management team can rigorously evaluate projects and provide quotations and engineering plans to ensure that budget targets are met on time. Our project management system emphasizes good communication in all project operations, as well as safety, quality control, cost control, plan control, and resource control.
4. Design services and engineering procurement
Our engineering and technical personnel use computer programs and new technologies to complete engineering and project budgets, detailed design, process design, and engineering procurement.
Our engineering and technical personnel can provide economical and efficient solutions for the most challenging projects and the special requirements of owners. Utilize the company's dedicated and special design technology to provide innovative, efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly process equipment and system solutions. 5. Field Service We have experienced professional and technical personnel who can provide customers with a full range of on-site services, including on-site installation, commissioning, startup, and so on.
Quality Assurance and Quality Control Summary
We firmly believe that the safety of products is paramount. To ensure the reliable operation of each equipment produced by Wellsun Machinery, the quality level of each process stage must be throughout the entire manufacturing stage to produce high-quality and reliable products.

We operate our quality management system in full accordance with relevant national standards, specifications, ASME BPVC requirements.

Wellsun Machinery has long been committed to excellent and suitable design for use, while maintaining a strict set of standards for quality control. Wellsun Machinery recognizes that effective quality assurance schemes play a crucial role in promoting and achieving high levels of service, reducing costs, and ensuring project progress.
Zhangjiagang Free Trade Zone
Wellsun Machinery Industry Co.,Ltd.
Address: 251 Jingang Road, Zhangjiagang Free Trade Zone, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province
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Email: cnwellsun@163.com / cnwellsun5@163.com
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