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There are employees engaged in the manufacturing of pressure vessels, including engineering and technical personnel, certified welders, and  certified Level II non-destructive testing personnel. The big lifting capacity of the workshop crane, the big thickness of the plate rolling machine, and there are some welding material drying equipment, as well as a batch of other related welding equipment and testing instruments. The company has infrastructure such as a primary and secondary warehouse for welding materials, a welding laboratory, and a pressure testing area, all of which are equipped with advanced testing equipment to ensure manufacturing quality requirements. The company is a professional manufacturer of petroleum, chemical equipment, and polyester new material equipment. It is a supplier of Sinopec equipment and a governing unit of Synthetic Fiber. Adhering to the principles of survival based on quality, development based on reputation, customer first, and service-oriented, we are wholeheartedly committed to the research and development and production of mechanical equipment, and have achieved steady development in all aspects. We will continuously improve and improve our quality and service to bring customers more high-quality products and services.
Zhangjiagang Free Trade Zone Wellsun Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. was established in February 2006. The company is located on the scenic bank of the Yangtze River, within the Zhangjiagang Free Trade Zone in Jiangsu Province, adjacent to the Yangtze River Expressway, with a beautiful geographical environment and convenient transportation. The company is a national high-tech enterprise, a private technology enterprise in Jiangsu Province, and also an AAA level credit enterprise. The company has been listed on the Jiangsu Equity Trading Center Technology Innovation Board with the code "655966". At present, the company has obtained FDA certificate、CE certificate、Pressure vessel manufacturing license、ASME "U" steel seal certificate in the United States and has applied for 50 invention patents such as slicing dryer and solid phase polycondensation device.
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Zhangjiagang Free Trade Zone
Wellsun Machinery Industry Co.,Ltd.
Address: 251 Jingang Road, Zhangjiagang Free Trade Zone, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province
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